Meet the PEGaRoo family

The creator and the inspiration of Pegaroo; an accessory and pocket holder for feeding tubes, including percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tubes.

After John had a PEG tube procedure in 2018, we started looking for a solution to make him more comfortable and allow him to transition back into his regular life (as much as his other health issues would allow). You probably noticed that in the picture, John is wearing the PEGaRoo feeding tube accessory. Oh, you didn’t see it?  That’s because it's acting just as any men's undershirt would and he is wearing a regular shirt from his closet over the PEGaRoo. Very discreet holder for feeding tubes. 


John Mayes

John Mayes, is a two tour Vietnam Veteran Helicopter Pilot. He had 1400 Combat Hours and received 26 Air Medals. He was also awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross – on two separate occasions. After his career in the military, he worked as an engineer for Halliburton, an oil servicing company. He has lived and worked internationally in over 34 different countries. He grew up on a farm/ranch near a small town in southern Oklahoma.   John has always had a very active lifestyle and still enjoys travelling the world. 

In 2008, he was diagnosed with Tonsil Cancer and treated with chemo and radiation. He is now cancer free, but the effects of radiation are causing many of his current health issues. The radiation continue to destroy the blood vessels in his jaw. He was on a liquid diet for several years. Then he began to aspirate when swallowing and was hospitalized multiple times with pneumonia. The decision was made that he would need the PEG tube procedure to avoid future hospitalization due to pneumonia. 

It was discovered quickly that the lifestyle that John was accustomed to was now being redefined by his limitations of a feeding tube. Allowing John to continue being just "John" is what led to the invention of the PEGaRoo feeding tube accessory. 

Feeding Tube Holder and Accessory

Linda Ransom, CEO, tells the story of John Mayes' experience when he received his feeding tube and how she came to invent the PEGaRoo feeding tube holder.