Tips for PEGaroo Feeding Tube Accessory

Accessory, holder for peg tube, g tube, Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube, enteral feeding tube accessory

To Achieve Maximum Benefits and Increase Feeding Tube Protection, Follow These Simple Instructions:

1. Before inserting the peg tube or any other type of feeding tube, pull the shirt completely over your head and arms – just like any regular t-shirt. 

2. Once the shirt completely covers the upper part of your body, your arms are through the sleeves and the pocket is over the general area covering your feeding tube, reach under your shirt and locate the opening behind the pocket that is next to your abdomen.

3. Working from the area next to your abdomen, GENTLY insert the feeding tube through the opening behind the pocket. GENTLY bring the feeding tube into the pocket area. Do not tug or force the feeding tube as this could lead to accidentally pulling the feeding tube out.

4. When you have the feeding tube into the pocket area of the feeding tube accessory, GENTLY coil the tube and let it reside in the pocket for maximum comfort.

5. The feeding tube is easily accessed for an enteral feeding through the top opening on the pocket. It is not necessary for you to remove the shirt for a feeding.

6. When you are ready to take the shirt off, COMPLETELY and GENTLY remove the feeding tube from the opening. When the feeding tube is no longer connected to the shirt in any way, then gently remove the shirt. 

These are suggested guidelines to reduce the possibility of  accidentally pulling  the feeding tube out and is not medical advice. Following these suggestions will allow you to benefit from the comfort and convenience of the PEGaRoo shirt.

Opening Placement

Since feeding tube placement may vary, if your feeding tube placement is uncomfortable in relation to the opening, modify the opening location by cutting a small additional slit.  

Only make cuts to the feeding tube accessory when you are NOT wearing the shirt. 

Feeding Tube Holder

The PEGaRoo pocket is only designed to hold your feeding tube.  Do not place other objects in the pocket as they may cause damage to your feeding tube. This pocket is designed to be a feeding tube accessory and a holder for your feeding tube.